• Lighting Power Saver

    At the trend of energy saving,we have developed ZJD serie interlligent non-contact lighting power saver. The product is controlled by MCU,According to lighting characters nowadays,it could meet lighting time requirements,it is programmable..

    Dynamic Voltage Restorer

    The prime function of dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) is to reduce the voltage sags on power lines that supply power to sensitive equipments. The DVR is principally accountable for restoring the quality of voltage supplied to the end-user.

  • AC Voltage Regulator

    Intelligent AC purification power supply is designed to meet requirements of purification voltage stablizer. It contains purification, stablizer, interfere resistance and auto protection, widely used in areas of high reliable and high stablility AC power supply.

    Power Management System

    PIS is multi-function integrated power supply, is able to realize power management and control. PIS control adopt multi-processor, which are dependently and in connection. 128*64 LCD screen is able to display kinds of PIS parameter, it is highly integrated and light.